For individuals


The Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg has always attracted many emigrants, either for professional reasons or simply for the various benefits they can find.

In addition to its strategic location in the middle of Europe, its political and social stability, Luxembourg offers an attractive legal and fiscal framework, a multicultural environment and high living standards.

For individuals, there are many benefits related to residency.
Some conditions should be fulfilled to be considered as a Luxembourg resident:

  • Have a legal address in Luxembourg
  • Reside physically in the Grand-Duchy during most of the year
  • Be in a position to prove a minimum income allowing to live in the Grand-Duchy (job,
  • pension, fortune…)

Luxembourg offers several attractions:


  • Progressive rates apply from 0% to a maximum rate of 42% (
  • Low indirect taxation: 3, 8, 14 and 17% maximum VAT, low car tax, no car license tax…
  • Reduction in registration duties and VAT duties for property acquisition (main residency)
  • 20% all-inclusive withholding on savings income
  • Possible exception for share or shareholding gains in value
  • Low inheritance taxes in relationship to other OECE countries
  • The inheritance tax has several exemptions such as direct line inheritance and the inheritance collected by the surviving spouse having common children with the deceased.
  • No wealth taxation and proceeds taxation since January 1, 2006

Labour  aspects:

  • Low social contributions +/- 25% (employer and employee share, providing full healthcare as well as the certainty of a high level pension at career end, compared with other OECD countries).
  • High guaranteed minimum wage and living standards: The minimum wage for a non qualified employee is +/-2141,99 €. It is increased by 20% for a qualified employee).

Apart from the fiscal and labour aspects, Luxembourg is:

  • A cosmopolitan country represented by many communities (Portuguese, French, Italian, Belgian, German, as well as Anglo-Saxon and northern communities).
  • A multilingual country: the linguistic situation in Luxembourg is characterised by the use and recognition of three languages: Luxembourgish, French and German.

The successful cohabitation of those various populations, perfectly integrated in the life of Luxembourg, contributes to the country’s multicultural richness.

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