About IBS & Partners

For more than 25 years, the purpose of IBS & Partners S.A has been to assist and advise

small and medium-size company managers in the private sector


The change in laws (31/05/1999 domiciliation Act, 02/08/2003 company incorporation and management Act and 11/08/2004 Act changing the incorporation authorisation access conditions) prompted IBS & Partners to sub-contract its company incorporation and domiciliation services. Rather than selling its business to a third party, IBS & Partners partnered with a chartered account firm to form a chartered account company authorised to conduct that business: CH International Luxembourg sàrl set up on 25/10/2005.

In partnership with the department FAIR of the company CH International Luxembourg S.A., IBS & Partners provides also appraisal expertise.

In order to complement its array of services, IBS & Partners also partnered with Fiduciaire BEFAC sàrl, which can thus offer a whole series of additional services in terms of accounting and chartered accountant services.

The novelty of IBS & Partners is to offer, via a single contact person, a whole set of tailored services, managed and performed by professionals, specialists in their areas.

Since 2002, IBS & Partners S.A. and its group have been members of the international network CHI International which comprises economic counsellors and chartered accountants from the 5 continents.

Thanks to that network, IBS & Partners is in a position to provide its client with any useful economic advice for the development of their markets abroad.

Please don’t hesitate to send us your online request for further information.