Company domiciliation

What is domiciliation?

When a company sets up headquarters with a third party to conduct business in the framework of its corporate purpose and that third party provides services related to that business, the company and that third party, referred to as domiciliation agent, should enter into a written agreement referred to as domiciliation.

Basically, domiciliation corresponds to the registered address of the company, i.e. a place where the company’s mail is received and all legal documents are kept (original accounting documents, accounting, by-laws of the company…).

Domiciliation in Luxembourg is strictly regulated and governed by the May 31, 1999 Act and its additional clauses.
The law authorises only a few categories of professionals to conduct business as domiciliation agents (banking institutions or other professionals in the financial area or in the insurance area, lawyers, company auditors, chartered accounts) and requires a number of duties from those professionals among which money-laundering system vigilance and prevention.

When to call on a domiciliation service?

A solution suited to Holding, Soparfi, SPF, FIS type companies.

As a domiciled company, you may access, if you wish, conference rooms for your ordinary general meetings, your board meetings and subject to availability, any other type of meeting.
We can also offer offices for rental, subject to availability, for business companies, in partnership with Business centers.


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