Economic Advisory Services
Company taxation law and business law advice

In Luxembourg, business law distinguishes the legal form of companies (sàrl, S.A., SCI, SCS, SCA…) with their specific duties, but also provides for specific regulations applicable to the purpose of the company.

Thus, it distinguishes:

Non regulated companies

  • A commercial company;
  • A SOPARFI: financial participation company with intellectual property rights;
  • An SPF: Family Asset Management Company, intended for individuals as part of the management of their family assets;
  • Real Estate Companies: acquisition, management and holding of real estate property in Luxembourg or abroad;

Regulated and non regulated companies

  • SCSp (Special Limited Partnership) : used as investment vehicle, notably in a Private Equity structure.
  • Securitisation: transfer of risks related to all types of assets or property (financial, tangible, intangible, claims…) to a Securitisation Organisation. That operation is valid for individuals and legal companies;

Regulated companies

  • A SICAV: open-end mutual investment fund, fund management and investment;
  • A SICAR: venture capital investment company;
  • The FIS: special investment fund, small fund management and investment.

Our mission is to direct you to the structure or structures that are best suited to your short, medium or long-term projects.

In terms of tax law, Luxembourg offers a particularly attractive environment for foreign investors who want a Worldwide platform. Luxembourg’s tax law is made up of various branches:

  • individual taxation (income tax);
  • business taxation;
  • real estate taxation (real estate transaction taxation);
  • asset taxation (asset holding and conveyance taxation;
  • fiscal procedures (disputes between the tax administration and individuals).

Our role is to assist our clients (individuals and/or companies) and keep them informed of any measure likely to be of interest to them. In addition to the regular advising that we provide, including on some important terms (annual account closing for companies, tax on capital return…), we can give an opinion on any project with fiscal implications (change in legal form, opening of share capital to outside partners, merger, asset contribution, subsidiarisation, sale, shareholding acquisition…).

It is our wish to support you all the way throughout the growth of your company and become a real support to the growth of your business.

If you find any of our services to be of interest, add them to your selection and feel free to contact us for any additional information.