A critical condition for the success of a company is to keep and maintain reliable accounting.

As an entrepreneur, you have to meet all legal requirements, while providing simply and promptly any information necessary for the management of your company.

We offer to:

  • Relieve you of that task and dedicate less of your time to your accounting management
  • Have a financial and accounting department offering analyses within allotted times, at transparent and foreseeable costs
  • Avoid any VAT and direct taxation risk
  • Have reliable data to make entrepreneurial decisions in full knowledge of the facts

Our everyday work includes:

  • daily voucher entering and closing entries
  • company account establishment: balance sheets, profits and loss account, various appendices
  • account consolidation
  • provisional accounting
  • account auditing
  • company liquidation
  • financial analysis
  • fiscal statements

It is our wish to support you all the way throughout the growth of your company (from start-up and in its everyday management) and become a real support to the growth of your business.

Please don’t hesitate to send us your online request for further information.