Payroll Services

The management of a company generally requires personnel and salary administration.

This requires :

  • Perfect knowledge of applicable employment laws
  • Keeping oneself informed at all times of legal changes and their impacts on your employment conditions and your salary accounting
  • Having an overall view of personnel administration and labour insurances including pension funds, taxation, labour law, employment contracts and regulations.

In close collaboration with our different partners, we can confidentially manage your labour secretarial work, whether occasionally (for an analysis, advice) or in the framework of the full outsourcing of that function :

  • salary calculation and processing
  • elaboration of first and last employee statements
  • employer’s statements
  • tax slips
  • accounts with the Joint Centre for Social Security and the Direct Contributions Administration
  • advising and expertise on labour law, social security, salary taxation matters
  • review of best social and fiscal system based on residency, income, family situation, and desired social benefits.

It is our wish to support you all the way throughout the growth of your company (from start-up and in its everyday management) and become a real support to the growth of your business.

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