Commercial companies
The “Société à Responsabilité Limitée” or S.A.R.L. (Private Limited Liability)

The incorporation should be made in a legalised deed


The Sarl should number at least 2 and at most 40 partners, except for single partner s.à.r.l.
Partners may be individuals or legal entities. Their responsibility is limited to their contribution.


The minimum share capital is EUR 12,500 and should be fully paid up upon the incorporation.
The share capital may be increased by a decision of the general meeting of the partnership.


An s.à.r.l. is managed by one or more managers, whether partners or not.
The management powers are determined by the by-laws.

Account auditing

Only in an s.à.r.l. with more than 25 shareholders, the auditing should be entrusted to an account auditor.

Ordinary General Meeting

If the s.à.r.l. numbers more than 25 partners, a general meeting should be held at least once a year.
The partners are called by registered mail.
In other companies, the partners can issue their vote in writing.

Company shares

All shares are registered.


It is open by a general meeting, which appoints a receiver on that occasion.
It is then the general meeting’s responsibility to close the liquidation, after hearing the receiver’s report.

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